Aleksandra Vagner and Bo Lundby-Jæger bumped ind to each other nearly twenty years ago when they both were part of an opera production at Funen Opera. They found an immediate connection, and since then their musical paths has crossed multiple times. 

After some years apart due to a stay abroad and different work situations they are now reunited, and have the pleasure of collaborating at a daily basis.

The duo has a common understanding and will to put the music in focus. They both have a burning desire to dive into the core of the music, and to always make the music meaningful and understandable to the audience.

Aleksandra about Bo Lundby-Jæger

"When reading Bo´s curriculum, I always get a bit starstrucked. This is a man who has achieved so much during his professional life. He has been employed at the noblest cultural institutions in Denmark, and has been working as performing musician and conductor through many years. His maybe biggest passion though, lies in composing. In 2004-2006, he was granted a three years scolarship from the Danish Arts Foundation, and since then a great amout of wonderful works have come from this man´s hand.

Diving into the world of music with Bo is always an adventure. His ability to make every note meaningful and lively is nothing less than sublime. Indifference is not a word in his musical vocabulary. Maybe it is the combination of being an equilibrist pianist and a passionate composer that shines through? I definitely enjoy every moment of our collaboration."

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Bo about Aleksandra Vagner

"Aleksandra is a true authentic musician . Working with her is always a joy and also a neverending positive challenge. With her charming appearance and warmth she brings intimacy and authenticity to every performance. Her work on connecting the musical language with the lyrics is a delight and an inspiration to observe and to be a part of.

She has diplomas from The Royal Danish Music Conservatory and the Opera-Academy in Copenhagen, and has sung multiple soloist parts and worked with some of the greatest orchestras and conductors in Denmark. But she moves effortlessly around in multiple genres, and I particulary adore her passion for intimate chamber music.  It stands very clear that she aimes to work her way to the heart of every piece she is exploring."

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