French Feelings

Romance, love, heartache and humour. With the French language as a central part of this program, we serve a plate of French musical delicacies and link them together with anecdotes and stories about the music.

Music by Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Lili Boulanger, Helena Munktell, Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill and Charles Trenet.

Duration: approx 60´or 2x45´

Excerpts from the program:

Claude Debussy(1862 - 1918)                     Trois chansons de Bilitis

Kurt Weill(1900 - 1950)                                Je ne t’aime pas


Lili Boulanger (1893-1918)                         Reflets

Helena Munktell (1852-1919)                    from "Dix Mélodies"

Leonard Bernstein(1918 - 1990)               La bonne cuisine

Charles Trenet (1903 - 2001)                    Que reste-t-il de nos amours

Luis Guglielmi(1916 - 1991)                      La vie en rose